Coconut Chicken Salad

Do you ever find yourself craving a nice refreshing salad on a hot summer’s day, only to find yourself severely let down when you do eventually tuck in? People seem to think that the only way to make a salad is with pre-packaged lettuce leaves, sliced cucumber, chopped tomato, plain, boring chicken breast, and a ridiculous amount of ranch dressing.

Indonesian Fried Noodles

These Indonesian Fried Noodles, also known as “Mie Goreng” is a great example of cuisine, adopted from China, that can be easily reproduced in our Western world kitchens. These Noodles have everything a healthy lifestyle person can ask for: they are vegetarian, and they contain a good amount of calories for doing sports or just regular everyday activity

The Ultimate Meatloaf Recipe

When most people think of comfort foods, meatloaf makes the top of the list. It sometimes seems like everyone in the world has his or her own version of what makes this ground beef dish perfect. What you put into your meatloaf isn’t necessarily what your neighbor puts in hers. If you’re like most home cooks, you might even use your mother’s meatloaf recipe and put your own twist on it.

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