If your only experience with soup recipes is opening up a can, dumping the contents into a saucepan and heating it up, you are really missing out on one of the most memorable moments in life. Learning how to make homemade soups can be a rewarding experience, improve your health and go a long way toward trimming your budget. From creamy chowders you serve as an appetizer to broth-based main dishes, soups and stews can easily be made in your own kitchen with very little fuss.
Granted, a delicious homemade broth takes hours to make correctly, but with modern conveniences, such as a Crock-Pot or pressure cooker, labor can be greatly reduced. There are also great tasting prepared broths and broth pastes on the market today that can help side step the hours a do-it-yourself stock would take. Tasty and economical, they make a great choice on weeknights when you’re tired and pressed for time.
People have been creating soups and stews for centuries. Throwing various meats, vegetables, leafy greens, tubers, grains, herbs and other goodies into a single pot with water or other liquid was practical. Soup recipes easily fit the lifestyle and habits of all cultures around the world. These one-pot meals reflected whatever was available locally, and people throughout the ages have experimented with various combinations of ingredients leading to such well-known dishes as French onion soup, New England clam chowder, Italian minestrone and Mexican pozole.
In ancient times, soups were used as potions, often prescribed for those who were ill or bedridden. Soup is easy to digest and can be made over an open fire. Even in our modern-day society, many people believe chicken noodle soup has special healing powers. It’s fairly common for friends and neighbors of those who have become sick to take their loved ones a large pot of soup.
When learning how to make soup, a good knowledge of herbs and spices is as important as knowing which meats, vegetables, beans and starches go well together. Too many herbs and spices can ruin the broth as easily as not enough herbs and spices, so it’s always best to go lightly and add more if needed. Some cooks prefer to season the pot to taste while others prefer a more consistent outcome and go with exact measurements. There is no correct way to do it.

  • Escarole & White Bean Soup
    Dive into a bowl of warmth and wellness with a simple yet hearty dish that combines the freshness of escarole with the creamy comfort of white beans. This soup, rooted in the heart of rustic cuisine, brings together ingredients that are humble yet rich in flavor and nutrition. It’s a testament to how a few simple components can create a meal that’s both satisfying and health-conscious.
  • Sweet Potato & Red Lentil Soup
    Vegetarian delight alert! The Sweet Potato & Red Lentil Soup is a gem for all my plant-based pals out there. Now, I’m not the biggest meat fan, and this soup has become my go-to. On the flip side, my meat-loving partner doesn’t share my enthusiasm – a shame because taking a break from meat, especially with a recipe this tasty, is a healthy win.
  • Minestrone with Italian sausage
    Fresh off the stove, the Minestrone with Italian Sausage is a symphony of flavors that’ll leave your taste buds doing a victory dance. Imagine this – hearty Italian sausages doing a tango with zucchini, beans, and a melody of spices carefully chosen for a taste explosion.
  • Greek Split Pea Soup
    This Greek split pea soup, a tantalizing vegetarian delight, offers a unique, exotic taste that’s a culinary adventure in itself. Historically, this dish has its roots deep in Greek cuisine, known for its use of simple, fresh ingredients and robust flavors. While the specific date might be a bit obscure, Greek cooking has long celebrated lentils and split peas, making appearances in ancient Greek diets and later becoming a staple in Greek households.
  • Southwestern Turkey Soup
    Get ready to savor the flavorful and robust Southwestern Turkey Soup, a zesty delight that’s a blend of hearty ingredients and fiery spices. This dish isn’t just a tasty medley; it packs a health punch too. Each serving boasts approximately 200 calories, perfect for a guilt-free, satisfying meal. Packed with lean, protein-rich turkey, black beans, and veggies, it’s a powerhouse of nutrients, low in fat and high in flavor.
  • Fish and Vegetable Soup
    Fish and Vegetable Soup is a wholesome, low-calorie gem that’s both a treat for your taste buds and a boon for your health. This simple yet delicious dish dates back through the centuries when people went for hearty, nutritious and yet cheap soups.
  • Authentic Cuban Black Bean Soup
    When it comes to a belly-warming, flavor-packed delight, Authentic Cuban Black Bean Soup deserves a front-row seat in your culinary repertoire. With roots that stretch back through history, this soup is a hearty symphony of spicy vegetables, beans, and ham, designed to captivate both your taste buds and your nutritional senses.
  • Cheesy Lasagna Soup
    Cheesy Lasagna Soup is a hearty and indulgent dish that brings the flavors of traditional lasagna to a bowl. With its intense taste, rich in cheese and calories, it’s a delightful comfort food that’s perfect for satisfying your cravings.
  • Asian Pork and Noodle Soup
    When it comes to comforting meals, few can rival the sheer warmth and familiarity of a steaming bowl of Asian Pork and Noodle Soup. This dish is a remarkable marriage of flavors and traditions, all swirled together in a humble bowl.
  • Bratwurst and Vegetable soup
    In the realm of culinary delights, the Bratwurst and Vegetable Soup stands as a masterpiece, a symphony of flavors that dances across the palate in every spoonful. Imagine, if you will, the robust pork bratwurst, stripped of its skin and transformed into delectable morsels, seared to perfection in olive oil, much like a maestro coaxing a crescendo from his orchestra.
  • Exotic, but unbelievably tasty Asian Tom Yum Soup
    the golden nugget of this soup is the wonderful combination of spicy, sour and tender shrimp meat. This mix of flavors just makes your taste receptors go crazy and ask for more and more of this traditional Thai soup.
  • Delicious Ukrainian Borscht
    Borscht is a classic Ukrainian soup enjoyed for centuries. This vibrant and hearty dish is a staple in Ukrainian cuisine, and is beloved for its rich flavor and comforting qualities. But did you know that borscht has a fascinating history that spans across different cultures and regions? I love this dish because it has an amazing rich flavor, noble red color and it is not very hard to make. My family loves it, especially men.
  • Italian Sausage Bean Soup Recipe
    This is a warming and comforting Italian sausage bean soup recipe. A plus is that this hearty soup takes less than 30 minutes to prepare.
  • African Stew Recipe
    This African stew recipe is so easy to make and it is packed with flavor and nutrition! Aside from spices and vegetables, this African vegetarian stew contains: Potatoes – white and sweet – and garbanzo beans which are quite nutritious.
  • Best Corn Chowder Recipe
    This best corn chowder recipe is not only hearty and delicious, but also very easy – and cheap – to make.
  • Easy Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
    This is truly a very easy homemade chicken noodle soup recipe. You can make it in a jiffy and it also tastes great.
  • Avocado Soup
    An unusual combination of fresh avocado pear, garlic, onion and a touch of lemon juice, served chilled with a swirl of fresh cream. Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Cream of Sweetcorn Soup
    This sweetcorn soup is popular in many parts of the world, in mostly western cultures, such as US, Canada and UK. In the United States, Cream of Sweetcorn Soup is often made with canned creamed corn, which is a processed form of sweetcorn that has been ground and mixed with milk or cream.
  • Dowdy Potato Soup Recipe
    Warm up this winter with a silky smooth potato soup!
  • Comforting Curried Pumpkin Soup Recipe
    Curry spice goes nicely with the sweetness of the pumpkin!
  • Cheese-Topped Hearty Lentil Soup Recipe
    This recipe incorporates a nice twist – cauliflower – for that boost of healthful antioxidants!
  • Raw Pea Soup Recipe
    We love this delicious raw pea recipe – you can warm it, but be sure not to heat it above 110 degrees! Enjoy!
  • Italian Potato, Kale and Bean Soup Recipe
    With prices of meat climbing and the benefits of vegetarian eating more well-known, more people are beginning to include meatless meals in their regular cooking rotations.
  • Easy Thai Red Chicken Curry Soup Recipe
    For authentic flavor, it’s important to use a Thai fish sauce. Who says that you have to go out to get great Thai food? This delicious red curry can be on the table in less than half an hour. Its rich sauce and moderate heat will quickly make it a comfort food staple in your home.
  • Heartiest Minestrone Vegetable and Noodle Soup Recipe
    A most hearty soup, the protein-rich split peas and kidney beans give it a rich texture and boosts its nutritional value.
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