Peanut Butter Ginger Apple Cookies

I’ve made a bunch of these cookies, but there were gone in pretty much one day! I call that a culinary success. I had my doubts about ginger and how it would play out with the rest of the sweet ingredients, but it turned out amazing. Without ginger, these cookies would lose a bit of texture, but most importantly, an interesting spicy note you certainly don’t expect in a sweet tea-time cookie.

Easy Apple Pie Recipe

There’s never a time that is not a good time for apple pie! However, fall and winter are perhaps the most joyful time. Baking an apple pie is almost as fun as it is tasty, and the warmth of the oven creates a cozy feeling as it releases the pleasant aroma of apples and spices.

Dutch Oven Apple Cobbler Recipe

Few desserts are as American as apple pie, but when you want something a little different, you might opt for a dutch oven apple cobbler recipe. Though this dish mixes the same apples and seasonings that you might find in a pie, you get the added benefit of a rich cake-like topping.

Apple Crumb Recipe

If you are looking for the perfect dessert to enjoy during cold weather, then hot apple crumb is a delightful alternative to traditional apple pie. What is truly divine about apple crumb is that it goes well with ice cream and is easy to whip together for any occasion.

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