Healthy and Fast Turkey Fricassee

Healthy and Fast Turkey Fricassee

Healthy and Fast Turkey Fricassee

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I don’t like eating meat too much, but sometimes you have to go for some. After all, meat contains a lot of essential elements for our health, that are hardly replaceable with vegetarian alternatives. When it’s time to cook some meat for myself, I like to go for the turkey.

Turkey tastes very good and also is amazing from the nutritional point of view. Here is my recipe for traditional French fricassee. In American households, this dish is often made using leftovers from the Thanksgiving dinner, but I like to make it more often, since it is very quick to prepare, healthy and doesn’t contain much calories. So, real banger of a dish!


  • Turkey fillet (cut into cubes) 500 g (1 lb)

  • Butter 28 g (1 oz)

  • Salt, oregano

  • Cream 1 cup

  • White onion (peeled and chopped)

  • Parmesan (grated) 2 tbsp

  • Flour 3 tbsp


  • Cover turkey with flour, add salt and oregano
  • Using butter, fry the onion until golden
  • Add turkey and fry until the meat turns brown
  • Pour the cream into the mixture and cook until thickened.
  • Fricassee goes well with rice, but it is also very tasty to serve it with durum wheat pasta.

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