Spicy Potato Wedges Recipe

Spicy Potato Wedges Recipe

Spicy Potato Wedges Recipe

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Potatoes are generally one of those vegetables that can be worked in as a side dish to any number of meal combinations. If you want to give your potatoes a nice kick, then spiced potato wedges will deliver every time. When making spiced potato wedges, it is important to consider that the type of potato you use will affect both the resultant taste and texture of the wedges. Small red potatoes and Yukon golds will tend to produce a softer internal texture than larger russet potatoes, which are typically used to make French fries.

It is also important to recognize that the type of oil you cook potatoes with will dramatically change how your spiced potato wedges taste. Because most vegetable oils are composed of plant-based polyunsaturated fats, it is generally safer to use these oils unheated to avoid health concerns. Heating most of these oils will tend to make these oils convert to trans fats. For this recipe, the ideal oil to use is coconut oil because of its low content of plant-based polyunsaturated fats.
Coconut oil, when heated, tends to remain stable and allows the outside of the potatoes to crisp up while leaving the inside of the potato wedge fluffy. Also, another positive aspect to cooking spicy potato wedges with coconut oil is that it enhances the flavor of the herbs and spices being used in this recipe. You may not be able to resist the leftover oil and spices in the pan, which are bursting with amazing flavor; use pieces of crusty bread to dip into the oil-spice mixture, giving you a second ready-made appetizer with this spicy potato wedge recipe.


  • 5 to 8 medium-sized potatoes

  • Melted coconut oil

  • salt

  • Garlic powder

  • Cayenne pepper

  • Cumin

  • Thyme

  • Parsley

  • Rosemary

  • Oregano

  • Basil


  • Preheat your oven to 200 C° (400 degrees F), and grease two large cookie sheets with a portion of the coconut oil. You can use a food brush to coat the surface without wasting too much of your coconut oil.
  • Wash all the potatoes. For this recipe, you may want to leave the skins on, but this is optional. Many nutrients are lost when potato skins are removed.
  • Slice the potatoes into wedges. If you have a well-made apple slicer, you can save time using this kitchen tool to rapidly complete the slicing process.
  • Place the potato wedges onto the greased cookie sheets. Try not to let the potato wedges overlap one another. This will help to ensure that they all cook evenly.
  • Place the cookie sheets in the oven to begin cooking your spicy potato wedges. After 30 to 35 minutes, check to see if the potato wedges have turned a light golden brown. Do not allow the wedges to get overly dark, as this will impact the delicate flavor of the dish.
  • This is sure to become one of your family’s favorite appetizer recipes.

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