Healthy and Delicious Fattoush Salad Recipe

Healthy and Delicious Fattoush Salad Recipe

Healthy and Delicious Fattoush Salad Recipe

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Looking for a healthy and delicious salad recipe that will tantalize your taste buds? Look no further than Fattoush salad! This Lebanese salad is a symbol of Arabic cuisine and is sure to please anyone looking for a nutritious and satisfying meal.

One of the hallmarks of Fattoush salad is the lemon dressing with herbs that adds a special taste to the salad. The fresh and zesty flavor of the dressing perfectly complements the various textures and flavors of the salad ingredients. The use of herbs such as mint, parsley, and basil adds an aromatic quality to the salad that is both refreshing and delightful.
Another key feature of Fattoush salad is the use of unleavened pita bread that is fried until crispy. This adds a satisfying crunch to the salad and serves as a flavorful alternative to traditional croutons. The combination of fresh vegetables, including tomatoes, cucumber, and lettuce, along with the crispy pita bread and flavorful dressing make for a truly satisfying and well-balanced meal.
Overall, this Fattoush salad recipe is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a healthy and delicious salad option. Whether you’re looking for a light lunch or a refreshing side dish for dinner, this recipe is sure to impress. Give it a try and see for yourself how delicious and nutritious Fattoush salad can be!


  • A half of red onion

  • Big tomato

  • 2 cucumbers

  • Bell pepper

  • Romano lettuce leaves

  • 3 garlic cloves

  • Basil leaves

  • Mint leaves

  • Balsamic vinegar

  • Juice of half a lemon

  • Olive oil 50 ml

  • Salt to taste

  • Pita


  • Cut onion, tomato, cucumbers, bell pepper into small cubes. Cut the lettuce leaves, finely chop the mint and basil leaves (they are needed for dressing)
  • For dressing, mix olive oil with lemon juice and balsamic vinegar, add garlic, finely chopped mint and basil leaves to the mixture
  • In a large bowl, mix vegetables then add dressing
  • In a dry frying pan, fry the pita for 3-4 minutes, until it becomes brownish-crispy
  • Put lettuce leaves on the bottom of the plate, then put salad and lay pita pieces on top, bon appetit!

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