Meat nests with grated potatoes and pickles

Meat nests with grated potatoes and pickles

Meat nests with grated potatoes and pickles

Course: Beef, Main Course
Dive into a dish that brings comfort and creativity to the table with meat nests cradled in grated potatoes and accented with the tang of pickles. This recipe is a unique twist on traditional meat dishes, showcasing how a blend of simple ingredients can elevate the humble minced meat into something extraordinary. The combination of beef and pork creates a base that’s both flavorful and juicy, ensuring that each bite is packed with savory goodness.

The addition of grated potatoes atop the meat nests introduces a delightful crunch, while their preparation—squeezed of excess liquid and mixed with dill and salt—ensures they’re light and crispy, providing a perfect contrast to the meat’s tenderness. The inclusion of pickles adds a zesty kick, cutting through the richness of the meat and cheese with its refreshing sourness.
Nutritionally, this dish offers a good mix of protein from the meat, carbohydrates from the potatoes, and calcium from the cheese. While it’s undoubtedly a hearty meal, the use of ingredients like dill and pickles also brings in a dose of vitamins and antioxidants, making it a balanced option when served alongside a fresh salad or vegetables.
Historically, the concept of combining meat with vegetables in a single dish dates back centuries and spans many cultures, reflecting a universal approach to creating filling and nutritious meals. This recipe, with its innovative use of potatoes and pickles, is a modern take on traditional meat dishes, providing a comforting yet sophisticated meal option.
Calorie-wise, while this dish is on the richer side due to the cheese and mayonnaise, it can still fit into a balanced diet when enjoyed in moderation. The key is to pair it with lighter sides, such as a green salad, to complement the meal’s richness.
In essence, this recipe is a celebration of flavors and textures, from the juicy meat to the crispy potato topping and the sharp bite of pickles, all brought together under a blanket of melted cheese. It’s a testament to the idea that comfort food can be both nourishing and exciting, making it a perfect dish for those looking to enjoy a hearty, homemade meal.


  • 500g (1.1 lbs) minced meat (I used a mix of beef and pork)

  • 3 large potatoes

  • 100g (3.5 oz) finely chopped pickles

  • 180g (3.5 oz) grated cheese (I used a mixture of Mozzarella and Emmental)

  • 120ml (4.22 fl oz) milk

  • 2 slices of bread

  • 3 tbsp Mayonnaise

  • Bunch of chopped dill

  • Half a glass of dried fried onions (optional)

  • 1 egg

  • 1/2 tsp of black grated pepper

  • 1 tsp salt

  • 1 tsp paprika

  • 1 tsp dry garlic


  • Peel the potatoes and grate them finely.
  • Remove the excess liquid from grated potatoes by using a sieve
  • Transfer the potatoes to a bowl and mix them with the chopped dill and salt, stir until smooth. Set the mixture aside.
  • Cut the bread into small pieces and add milk. Leave for 5 minutes, then blend it all together.
  • Add egg, salt and spices to your bread mixture and combine well with a whisk.
  • Now add minced meat to the bowl and mix everything well until smooth.
  • Cover the baking tray with parchment paper. Form the minced meat into 9 equally sized cutlets/nests.
  • Place dry fried onion on top of each nest.
  • Then sprinkle each nest evenly with pickles.
  • Place a layer of grated potatoes on top.
  • Cover the potato layer with mayonnaise.
  • And finally, sprinkle everything with cheese. Don’t skimp on cheese, the more the better.
  • Place in the oven at 180 degrees C° (350 F) for 35-40 minutes. You may need a little more or a less time, it all depends on your oven. Just keep track of the golden crust on the surface of the cheese.
  • The meat turns out tender and juicy, and the pickled cucumber gives the dish a very pleasant sourness. Serve the meat nests hot! A fresh salad or any vegetables would be an excellent side dish for them.

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